Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Microchip Use In Humans

Positives - One benefit of microchipping in humans is it can replace a lot of things in your wallet. Such as your ID, driver’s license, passport, and even your credit cards. It can store all this information in the chip. Another benefit is tracking. If a child runs away or gets kidnapped, or if a criminal escapes you could track the microchip to see their location. A third benefit is newborn babies can’t get mixed up and gone to the wrong parents. If a chip is implanted in babies when they’re born it’ll eliminate any mixups.

Negatives - There is some negatives with microchipping in humans. One negative effect is if there is important data and information stored in the chips it will be a target for hackers. Another negative is no one knows the effects that the microchip could have on your body overtime. A third negative to this is if there is any hardware updates to the device, which are likely you would have to get another operation to update the chip.

My Opinion - In my opinion I think this isn’t a very good idea. Some parts could be good, like storing your ID, driver’s license, and credit cards. Although there is a risk of it being hacked you have the same risk using that information online which just about everyone does. I think the tracking is the worst part of it because it takes away people’s privacy. Overall I don’t like the idea and would not one in me. I do think this is a possibility though. I know they have similar chips you can have in your pets in case it runs away. I think the chip would be more useful in children and parents should be able to choose if they want their child to have it, but should have it removed when they are older if their child wants.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Household Computer

The household computer I have chosen is my PlayStation 4 console. It’s not usually thought of a computer because you just use it to play games. But it does fit the definition for computer. It takes input and provides a result from it. The PlayStation doesn’t look very special, it’s basically just a rectangular box with a couple buttons on the front. It accepts data from the controller that the player is using. When the player presses a button on the controller it will process it and display the result on the screen. The controller is wirelessly connected to the console so when you press a button it will send the data to the PlayStation for it to process. Based on whichever button you pressed it will provide a different result for what the button is supposed to do in the game and then display it on the screen or monitor connected to the PlayStation.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Everyday Algorithm

1 Open cabinet
2 Take bowl
3 Place bowl on table
4 Open food cabinet
5 Browse cereal boxes
6 If there is box of fruity pebbles
7 Take box of fruity pebbles, open box, and pour in bowl
8 Else go back to line 5
9 Take random box of cereal, open box, and pour in bowl
10 Open refrigerator
11 Take milk
12 Pour milk in bowl with cereal
13 Open drawer
14 Take spoon
15 Put spoon in bowl
16 Enjoy cereal